Professional background

Qualified from Kings College London Hospital School of Medicine in 1995. Undertook anaesthetic training at the London North Central School of Anaesthesia including a one year research fellowship in obstetric anaesthesia in 2001 funded by a grant from The Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association.

Appointed as consultant anaesthetist at UCLH in 2005. Main clinical work in obstetric anaesthesia, trauma, general surgery and acute pain.

I set up the first obstetric anaesthesia fellow post in 2005 and have since been an educational supervisor to the obstetric anaesthetic clinical and research fellows. I am the training lead for obstetric anaesthesia at UCLH overseeing intermediate, higher and advanced units of training for rotational trainees and all the obstetric fellows. I run a monthly multi-disciplinary obstetric anaesthesia forum and teach regularly on obstetric anaesthesia courses including simulation. I am an examiner for final exams at UCL.

Research interests

  • Enhanced recovery in obstetric surgery
  • Quality Improvement in obstetric anaesthesia


Original papers

Patel NP, El-Wahab N, Fernando R, Wilson S, Robson SC, Columb MO, Lyons GR. Fetal effects of combined spinal-epidural vs epidural labour analgesia: a prospective, randomised double-blind study. Anaesthesia 2014; 69: 458–67

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Bray JK, Fernando R, Patel NP, Columb MO. Suprasternal Doppler estimation of cardiac output: standard versus sequential combined spinal epidural anesthesia for cesarean delivery. Anesth Analg 2006 Oct;103(4):959-64.

Published abstracts

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