Professional background

Dr Petrochilos completed her first degree in Psychology and masters in Ergonomics at the Psychology department at University College London. She later completed her degree in Medicine at Guys Kings and St Thomas’ medical school. She completed her General Practice MRCGP training in London and later her Psychiatry MRCPsych training on both the SLAM/Maudsley and North Central London training programmes.

She has previously worked as an Acute Adult Inpatient Consultant Psychiatrist in Camden and Islington. She now works as a Neuropsychiatrist and is the Clinical lead Consultant for the Neuropsychiatry department at NHNN. She runs the outpatient programme for Functional neurological symptoms disorders, has General Neuropsychiatry outpatient clinics at NHNN, sees patients in a Neuropsychiatry Liaison capacity at NHNN and also sees patients at the Chalfont Centre for Epilepsy.

o MBBS (Guys, Kings and St Thomas’)
o MRCPsych
o MSc (Ergonomics, UCL; Dissertation: simulator sickness in virtual reality)
o BSc (Psychology, UCL)


Research interests

Functional neurological symptoms disorder including motor, sensory, cognitive and non-epileptic/dissociative episodes. Psychiatric conditions in the context of neurological conditions; Multi-disciplinary team working.

Languages spoken

Greek, French


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• Correlates and predictors of simulator sickness in virtual reality (MSc Thesis, UCL Library, 1996)