Professional background

Dr Paul Jarman has been a consultant neurologist at the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery since 2001. He studied medicine at Oxford University and University College London medical school, graduating with honours in medicine, surgery, pathology and clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. He obtained a PhD in molecular genetics of movement disorders following a period of research funded by a Wellcome Trust research fellowship. His  neurology specialist training was completed in London with a short period at UCLA in Los Angeles.

Specialist Interests
Parkinson's and movement disorders clinic at NHNN Acute neurology (UCH) Medical Education and Training

Other Appointments
North London Neurology Training Programme Director Postgraduate Clinical Tutor at NHNN and Academic neurology training programme clinical lead

Research interests

Movement disorders and neurogenetics
Medical education and training


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Book Chapters

  • Cranial Nerves Chapter. In Queen Square Textbook of Neurology, Published 2009.
  • Neurology Therapeutics Chapter. In: Kumar and Clark's Handbook of Medical Therapeutics (published 2011).
  • Neurology chapter. In Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine 8th Edition 2012.