Professional background

Prem Rangi is a consultant in interventional and diagnostic neuroradiology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. Prem graduated from Sheffield University in 1995. His early medical training in general medicine which led to membership of the Royal College of Physicians. He transferred to radiology training at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, before sub-specialised on the Pan-London neuroradiology fellowship for 2 years, with an additional dedicated one year training in Interventional neuroradiology within London. He has been appointed a consultant in London since 2008.

Prem is currently an adult interventional and diagnostic neuroradiologist at Queen Square with particular interest in AVM’s, stroke and spinal procedures. His key clinical focus is the endovascular management of vascular problems of the brain and spine in adults, in particular the treatment of cerebral aneurysms and arteriovenous shunts, which is supported by a multidisciplinary team clinic in conjunctional with neurosurgeon and neurologist.

He has a broad diagnostic neuroimaging experience with special interests including vascular, stroke, skull base and spinal disorders. Prem has active involvement in research, publishing textbooks chapters and papers in journals. He is heavily involved in teaching and training junior colleagues. He is passionate about minimising clinical risk and maximising patient safety through an active clinical governance programme.


Research interests

Management of neurovascular diseases in adults, endovascular management of cerebro-venous disorders, minimally invasive spinal procedures


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Journal publications

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