Professional background

Dr Howard is consultant neurologist at The National Hospital, Queen Square and St. Thomas’ Hospital, senior lecturer at The Institute of Neurology, University College and King’s College and honorary civilian adviser to The Royal Navy. He qualified from Cambridge University and The Middlesex Hospital in 1980, undertook training in Oxford and London and was appointed to his present post in 1992. He is head of service for a large general neurological practice at St. Thomas’ and neurologist to three intensive care units. 

He is a senior editor and contributor to ‘Neurology – A Queen Square textbook’, the author of 150 papers and a contributor to 25 textbooks on neurology. His major specialty interests include neuromuscular diseases including myasthenia gravis, motor neurone disease, post-polio syndrome and sleep disorders.

Research interests

Neurology of general medicine

Neurointensive care

Neuromuscular diseases

Motor Neurone Disease

Myasthenia Gravis and related conditions

Late complications of poliomyelitis

Sleep neurology


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