Professional background

Dr Rowan Miller is a consultant medical oncologist specialising in gynae-oncology and early phase clinical trials at University College London and St Bartholomew's Hospitals.

Dr Miller completed her undergraduate training at the University of Oxford and clinical training at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals, London. She trained in medical oncology at University College London and was subsequently awarded a Cancer Research UK fellowship and attained a PhD from the Institute of Cancer Research. Following her PhD, Rowan completed a fellowship at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard University.

Rowan is involved in a number of clinical trials and basic science research projects across the two academic centres and is a member of the ESMO Personalized Medicine and Translational Research Committee.

Research interests

Clinical trials

  • Novel therapies for gynaecological cancer
  • Utilising genomics and biomarkers to guide therapy in patients
  • Clear cell ovarian cancer and other rare gynaecological cancers


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