Professional background

Dr Steve Bandula is a consultant interventional radiologist and leads the Interventional Oncology Service at UCLH.

He graduated from Cambridge University and completed surgical training, gaining membership of the Royal College of surgeons in 2005. After specialising in imaging and becoming a fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists, he was awarded an NIHR Doctoral Research fellowship to develop diagnostic imaging in heart and liver disease.

Dr Bandula is a specialist in image-guided cancer therapy, and treats a variety of tumour types using microwave, radiofrequency and cryoablation. His research interests include the development and clinical translation of novel minimally invasive cancer therapies.

Dr Bandula also runs the Foundation for Interventional Oncology Research (FOIR) - part of University College Hospital Charitable Trust.

Research interests

  • Image-guided tissue targeting
  • Development and clinical translation of novel minimally invasive cancer therapies
  • Non-invasive extracellular volume quantification
  • Oncological imaging


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