Professional background

Dr Marc George is a consultant in General (Internal) Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at UCLH and Honorary Associate Professor at the UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences.

He is the Clinical Lead for the Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Risk clinic where he has expertise in early-onset, resistant and secondary hypertension and cholesterol management. His inpatient work includes Acute and Internal Medicine.

Dr George is the Trust Lead for Medical Emergency Guidelines and sits on the UCLH Clinical Guidelines and Use of Medicines Committees. 

At UCL he is a module lead within the iBSc in Cardiovascular Sciences and provides teaching on several under and post-graduate degree courses including MBBS.

Research interests

Dr George’s research interest is in developing new approaches to treating cardiovascular disease including targeting inflammation and high blood pressure.

He completed his PhD in 2019 developing a potential new treatment for heart attacks (Interleukin-6 trans-signalling blockade). This work was published in ‘JACC basic to translational science’ and received several prizes including the ‘Best PhD Oral Presentation Winner’ at the British Pharmacological Society Pharmacology Futures conference 2018, London Cardiovascular Society ‘Young Investigator of the Year’ 2018 and UCL Division of Medicine ‘Best PhD Upgrade Presentation’ Award 2016-17.

Dr George is currently the local Principal Investigator for a multicentre blood pressure trial funded by the British Heart Foundation.


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