Professional background

Mr Alex von Roon completed his undergraduate medical training at Sheffield University and Imperial College London. He undertook higher surgical training on the Northwest Thames Rotation and was awarded a PhD by Imperial College London. He received a research fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

He underwent subspecialist training in colorectal surgery in Adelaide, Australia and St Mark’s Hospital before being appointed clinical senior lecturer and consultant colorectal surgeon at St Mary’s and Charing Cross Hospitals. During this time, he started specialising in inflammatory bowel disease surgery, became clinical lead for enhanced recovery after colorectal surgery and trained on the Senhance robotic surgery platform.

In 2019 he moved to University College London Hospital, where he continues to develop his subspecialist interests in surgery for complex inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal failure and minimally invasive techniques.

Research interests

Mr von Roon completed his PhD research at Imperial College in collaboration with St Mark’s Hospital, focusing on outcomes of ileoanal pouch surgery for familial adenomatous polyposis and metabonomic profiling of pouchitis in ulcerative colitis.

He has maintained a research collaboration with the Polyposis Registry at St Mark’s Hospital and co-supervises several PhD students investigating the natural history of gastroduodenal and ileoanal pouch polyposis in FAP, genetic and environmental factors associated with these and colorectal anastomotic healing.

He also has an interest in evidence synthesis in inflammatory bowel disease, surgical education and surgical trials. He is a reviewer for a number of surgical journals.


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