Professional background

Mr Alistair Hunter is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, specialising in hand, wrist and elbow surgery. He studied at Cambridge University and University College London. He trained in trauma and orthopaedics in Manchester and London and was awarded Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2013.

He has completed fellowships in hand, wrist and upper limb surgery at the Hand Unit, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and the Upper Limb Unit, Wrightington Hospital. He has also undertaken a traveling fellowship to the Institut Kaplan, Barcelona (Ethicon Foundation Award). He has developed advanced skills in the management of complex hand and upper limb injuries and common and complex conditions of the hand, wrist and elbow. More recently, he travelled on the European Wrist Arthroscopy Society Tour to Paris, Lyon, Strasbourg and Reims to further enhance his skills in minimally invasive techniques in hand and wrist surgery.

Mr Hunter was awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in Hand Surgery by the British Society for Surgery of the Hand in 2015. He was awarded 'Surgeon of the Year' at University College Hospital in 2016, nominated by fellow staff members. He publishes scientific papers on hand and upper limb surgery, has contributed to several books and presents at conferences nationally and internationally. He is an invited reviewer for the Bone and Joint Journal and a number of other international scientific journals. Mr Hunter is a member of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH) and the European Wrist Arthroscopy Society (EWAS).

He has a strong interest in teaching and is the Royal College surgical tutor for UCLH, with responsibility for trainee surgeons across the hospital. He teaches medical students at UCL, is invited Faculty on national courses and holds a masters degree in medical education. He is course director of the preparation for FRCS (Tr&Orth) course and the practical preparation for orthopaedic ST3 interviews course.

Research interests

Alistair Hunter’s main clinical and research interests centre on elective and emergency hand and wrist surgery. This includes post traumatic hand and wrist reconstruction, sports related injuries, Dupuytren’s disease, nerve related pathology, joint replacement of the hand and wrist, carpal instability and expanding techniques such as wide-awake surgery and wrist arthroscopy.


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