Professional background

I began my role as Consultant Rhinologist, ENT and Head and Neck surgeon in September 2017. Since 2021 I have taken on the additional role of Clinical Lead for Paediatric ENT. My clinical interests are in all forms or nasal and sinus disease which are managed through a combination of medical and surgical treatments. As part of this I am a key member of the rhinology MDT where we discuss complex patients, such as those with severe sinusitis and major structural abnormalities causing functional nasal and cosmetic difficulties. I work closely with our in-house specialist psychologist to help manage those with facial deformity.

I am also a member of both the head and neck cancer and skull base MDTs and provide surgical treatment for cancers involving the nose, sinuses and base of skull.

Performing surgery in awake patients using local anaesthetic and occasionally sedation is another area of interest which I am building through our minimally invasive surgical centre.

Finally I have a broad paediatric ENT practice managing all common presentations along with more complex nasal and sinus conditions.

Research interests

  • Randomised Controlled Trial of the use of Purabond to reduce bleeding and improve outcomes following tonsillectomy
  • A prospective study evaluating the adoption of balloon sinus dilation under local anaesthesia from primary to secondary care during the patient’s chronic rhinosinusitis journey in the UK – DETECTION


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