Professional background

Manit Arya qualified at Manchester Medical School. Following a basic surgical rotation, he completed his higher specialist training in urology in the North London rotation.

He has a sub-specialist interest in minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of prostate cancer.

He works in a team with Professor Mark Emberton involved in developing the principles of 'focal therapy' in prostate cancer and is proficient in providing focal high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and focal cryotherapy in the management of patients with primary and radiorecurrent prostate cancer.

He is a national and international mentor for those surgeons interested in learning focal HIFU.

Degrees: MBChB, MD(Res), FRCS(Glasgow), FRCS(Urol)

Research interests

He has completed a two-year research degree, MD(Res), investigating the metastatic process of prostate cancer at a molecular level. This research is continuing.

He has published extensively throughout the urology literature, particularly in the field of uro-oncology and has edited 10 textbooks.

Manit has organised a number of national educational courses for medical students, trainees and colleague consultant urological surgeons.


Selected publication in peer-reviewed journals:

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