Professional background

Mr Massi Cariati is a consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon. His field of expertise is the assessment and management of benign and malignant diseases of the breast. He has a specialised interest in breast cancer management, breast conservation strategies, oncoplastic breast surgery and breast reconstruction, in particular pre- and sub-pectoral immediate implant-based reconstruction with acellular dermal matrix.

Mr Cariati graduated from the University of Florence Medical School summa cum laude at the top of his class. After completing his basic medical training in Italy, he moved to the UK to read for a PhD degree in surgical oncology at the University of Cambridge, with a thesis on breast cancer stem cells. Having obtained his PhD degree he went on to complete his Core Surgical Training with the London School of Surgery, and then his higher surgical training within the London and South-East Thames region which led to the award of his CCT in general surgery with a sub-specialty interest in breast surgery. During this time he spent three years in the Oncoplastic Breast Unit at Guy's and St Thomas' in London, training in oncoplastic and reconstructive breast surgery. He is a fellow of the Royal College of surgeons of England.

During his surgical training, he was awarded the prestigious NIHR Clinical Academic Lectureship in Breast Surgery as well as the Academy of Medical Sciences Starter Grant, which allowed him to develop his research interests within the Department of Research Oncology at King's College London, with a focus on the development of novel intra-operative technologies for the assessment of resection margins in breast conserving surgery, and a parallel interest in the pathophysiology of lymphoedema. His research was recognised with the award of the 2016 Ronald Raven Proferred Prize by the British Association of Surgical Oncology and he has lectured and presented his work nationally and internationally.

Research interests

  • Oncoplastic breast surgery
  • Surgical innovation and technology
  • Window of opportunity studies in breast cancer
  • Lymphoedema


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