Professional background

Mr Grover is a consultant neurosurgeon at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN). He is specialised in skull base and vascular neurosurgery. He has particular expertise in the management of tumours of the skull base such as Vestibular Schwannomas and Meningiomas, as well as Cerebral Aneurysms, AVMs and Cavernomas. He is also a practitioner of gamma knife radiosurgery for the minimally invasive treatment of these pathologies.

He undertook undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Oxford University in Biology, Medicine and Neurosciences. His medical and neurosurgical training was in North London at Imperial College, the Royal London hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospitals, with higher surgical fellowship training at NHNN.

His academic interests are unruptured aneurysm management, AVM registries and biology, and Artificial Intelligence and technology applications in skull base tumour surgery. He is co-lead for London Brain School and course director for the Queen Square review course.

Research interests

Unruptured aneurysm management, AVM registries and biology, artificial Intelligence and technology applications in skull base tumour surgery


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