Professional background

Mr. Sujith Konan is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon with a special interest in hip and knee surgery. He is also an honorary associate professor at University College London.

He completed basic surgical training in the UK, becoming a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons [MRCS (Eng)] in 2006. Following this he undertook a two-year post-graduate research degree [MD (res)] in orthopaedic biomedical Engineering at University College London.

His higher specialist training in orthopaedics was on the University College Hospital rotations, achieving a fellowship of the Royal College of surgeons in trauma and orthopaedic surgery [FRCS (Tr&Orth) in 2013.

Mr. Konan enhanced his skills and training further by undertaking prestigious fellowships in North America, USA and Europe; including a year (2014) in Vancouver followed by visiting fellowships (2015) to Paris, Dresden, Bern, Munich & Zurich and USA (2017).

He has gained several prizes, scholarships and awards and been awarded travelling fellowships by British Orthopaedic Association, British Hip Society, BJJ-EFFORT society (Mark Patterson travelling fellowship) in 2015 and (Rothman-Ranawat travelling fellowship) in 2017.

He has a high volume clinical practice that focuses on all aspects of hip and knee surgery including hip and knee arthroscopy, reconstructions for sports injury, hip and knee replacements and revision hip and knee surgery.

Research interests

Mr. Konan has published extensively in orthopaedic journals and textbooks on several aspects of hip and knee research.

He has also presented widely on several clinical and research topics in national and international meetings. He is committed to pursue clinical, translational and laboratory based research alongside a busy surgical practice, ultimately focusing on improving patient care.



A select list of publications can be found below:

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