Professional background

Mr Yassar Qureshi qualified from St. Bartholomew’s and The Royal London School of Medicine, after which he gained entry into higher surgical training with the London Deanery. He received broad training as a general surgeon, including surgical oncology at The Royal Marsden Hospital.

Mr Qureshi developed a particular sub-specialist interest in oesophageal and gastric cancer and benign surgery, completing this training at University College London Hospital. During this time, he was awarded his fellowship with The Royal College of surgeons of England. He undertook an international fellowship in South Africa to further enhance his upper GI, emergency and general surgery skill-set, prior to appointment as a consultant at UCLH.

Research interests

Mr Qureshi maintains an active interest in research and development in his field, having authored several book chapters and over 20 peer-reviewed manuscripts. For his MSc thesis, he studied chemical markers for diagnosing pancreatic malignancy at Cancer Research UK, achieving a distinction for his thesis.

His MD research (UCL) doctorate studied the impact of complications on upper GI cancer survivorship, and novel methods to monitor, treat and reduce these. He maintains a leading interest in several ongoing studies to enhance peri-operative optimisation for Upper GI cancer patients. After his tenure in South Africa, Mr Qureshi has developed a personal interest in establishing a global collaborative to improve training and surgical development in less developed countries.


Last five publications:
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