Professional background

Professor Faiz Mumtaz over the course of the last 21 years, has dedicated himself to advancing the understanding and treatment of renal cancer, particularly through laparoscopic and robotic kidney cancer surgery. He has established a high-volume renal cancer surgical practice at the prestigious Royal Free Hospital, and in addition to his clinical practice, Professor Mumtaz has made significant strides in academia and education. He holds the esteemed position of Professor of Urology at UCL. As the Director of the renal cancer fellowship program at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, he oversees the training and development of fellows specializing in robotic kidney cancer surgery.

Professor Mumtaz plays a pivotal role in the academic community as an examiner and supervisor for postgraduate research degrees (MD & PhDs) at UCL and several other renowned universities nationally. His dedication to research is exemplified by the establishment of a dedicated Meena Raja Kidney Cancer Research Laboratory at the Institute of Immunology and Transplantation within the newly developed Pears Building at the Royal Free Hospital. He has pioneered the development of a ground-breaking 3D Artificial Intelligence imaging program for surgical planning of complex kidney tumours. This innovative technology has enabled precise and personalized interventions, allowing for robotic and open partial nephrectomy procedures that preserve the maximum functionality of the remaining kidney. Recognizing the potential impact of this program, Professor Mumtaz has introduced this to numerous high-volume kidney cancer centres across the country, leading to a grant from the prestigious National Institute of Health Research.

As a testament to his commitment to research and his passion for improving patient outcomes, Professor Mumtaz chairs the Meena Raja Kidney Cancer Research Foundation. This foundation actively engages in fundraising initiatives to support innovative research projects aimed at advancing our understanding of renal cancer and developing more effective treatment strategies. Additionally, Professor Mumtaz supervises several PhD students who are conducting research in the field of renal cancer.

He is a member the British Association of Urological Surgeons and the Royal College of Surgeons (England). In recognition of his expertise and leadership, he serves as the National Lead of Societe' Internationale Urologie, representing the British Association of Urological Surgeons.

Professor Mumtaz's impact extends beyond his clinical practice, research, and leadership roles. He is a prolific author with well over 130 published articles and a textbook on Urological Emergencies. Furthermore, he is a sought-after speaker at both national and international urological conferences, where he delivers invited lectures and organizes workshops on laparoscopic and robotic renal cancer surgery.

In summary, Professor Faiz Mumtaz's has had a remarkable career in urology encompassing pioneering advancements in renal cancer surgery, establishment of a renowned research laboratory, impactful contributions to academia and education, and influential leadership roles within esteemed urological organizations. His unwavering dedication to improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of urology has solidified his status as a true pioneer and a respected authority in renal cancer surgery and research.

Research interests

The role of vasoactive mediators in pathophysiology of bladder and erectile dysfunction and cancers of the prostate and kidney.

Leading the first clinical research program in the UK on the utility of 3D imaging for surgical planning of complex kidney cancer surgery in collaboration with Innersights Labs Ltd (as the co-founder) and the Translational Research Group at UCL/KCL. A novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) guided software was developed to create virtual 3D interactive kidney tumour models from routine preoperative 2D CT scans to provide precise relationship of the tumour to vital renal anatomical/vascular structures which has been integrated into clinical practice for surgical planning and patients’ education.

Principal Investigator/Co-investigator for novel multicentre trials to assess the role of novel neoadjuvant immunotherapies in the surgical management of advanced renal cancers.

Created a “Kidney Cancer Research laboratory and Research Foundation” through public engagement at the Institute of Immunology and Transplantation (IIT) at RFH/UCL. This new laboratory has facilitated disease-focused, cutting-edge translational research program that will enhance our understanding of the human immune system in kidney cancer and provide the key to implementing novel interventions to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients.

The research plan within this facility over the next 5 years is to explore prognostic/therapeutic markers in early and advanced kidney cancer.

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