Professional background

Professor Fares Haddad is a hip and knee reconstructive surgeon at University College Hospitals. He is divisional clinical cirector of Surgical Specialties at UCH and Westmoreland Street, and director of the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health at University College London.

He graduated from the University College London Hospitals with a First Class BSc and MB BS. His basic training in hip and knee surgery and reconstruction started in London on the St Bartholomew's, Royal Free and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital rotations and was subsequently enhanced by fellowship training in the United States and Canada including a year in Vancouver and time in Boston, Los Angeles and Gainsville. He was the gold medallist in the FRCS (Orth) exam and has gained a large number of prizes and prestigious academic awards. He has been an EFORT Travelling Fellow, British Hip Society Travelling Fellow and ABC Travelling Fellow in 2004. He became a Hunterian Professor in 2005. He is Professor of Orthopaedics and Sports Surgery at UCL. He leads the IOC centre in the UK.

Professor Haddad's clinical and research endeavours have centred around hip and knee reconstruction. His interests include the expansion of knee and hip arthroscopic techniques to deal with sports injuries, uncemented hip and knee prosthetic technology, new bearing surfaces and outcomes assessment in hip, knee and revision arthroplasty and use of allografting and other transplant and stem cell techniques in hip and knee reconstruction. His work also encompasses minimally invasive hip and knee surgery and novel strategies to manage patients with knee ligament injuries. He provides medical input at elite level for a number of sports including football, athletics, rugby and as medical director of the NFL in the UK.

He has presented and published widely on key aspects of hip and knee surgery and continues to lead a clinical research group with interests in hip and knee joint preservation after injury, sports injuries of the lower limb, prosthetic design and performance, robotics and outcomes measurement after hip and knee surgery. He is editor in chief of the Bone and Joint Journal.

Research interests

Hip, knee and sports injuries and osteoarthritis and surgical outcomes

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