Professional background

Consultant urological surgeon & clinical lead.

Professor John Kelly is a consultant urological surgeon specialising in robotic surgery for bladder and prostate cancer. He is the lead for the London Cancer Urology Surgery Centre and the robotic surgery programme at UCLH. John is the professor of uro-oncology at UCL and his research group explore how new therapies for bladder and prostate cancer can improve outcomes for patients.

John Kelly is the Clinical Lead for urology at Westmoreland Street Hospital. The department is one the largest in Europe and delivers cutting edge surgery using the latest technologies The position, working with teams across the many different aspects of urology and leaders in the field is highly rewarding.

John moved to UCLH in 2009 from Cambridge University having worked at Addenbrookes in complex cancer surgery and as a fellow at the Cornell University Hospital, New York. He is known internationally for his pioneering work in robotic surgery and is the director of the Chitra Sethia Minimal Access Centre at UCLH which trains robotic surgeons from the UK and abroad. John has been the chairman of the UK National Cancer Research Institute, Bladder Clinical Studies Group and is currently the chairman of the Scientific Committee of The Urology Foundation. John holds the Orchid chair of male genito-urinary oncology with the Orchid Charity.

Research interests

John leads a research group at UCL and embeds high quality research within surgical clinical trials to bring cutting edge technologies into mainstream practice.

In cancer tissues, we identify genomic alterations in DNA which can improve cancer detection and the selection of therapies to enhance outcomes for patients with bladder and prostate cancer. Our clinical trials portfolio extends from early phase proof of concept to large, phase III multi-centre, randomised controlled trials.

Current trials include:

HIVEC-II: A phase II, open label, multi-center, randomised controlled trial comparing hyperthermia plus mitomycin to mitomycin alone, in patients with intermediate risk mon-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

CALIBER: Phase II randomised feasibility study of chemoresection and surgical management in low risk, non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

PHOTO: PHOTOdynamic versus white light-guided treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: A randomised trial of clinical and cost-effectiveness.

DETECT-I: A prospective observational study to determine the negative predictive value of UroMark to rule out the presence of bladder cancer in patients with haematuria.

DETECT-II: A multicentre observational study design to determine the sensitivity of the UroMark assay, a urine test, to detect new and recurrent low, intermediate and high grade bladder cancer.


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