Professional background

Jonathan Ledermann joined UCL and UCLH in 1990. He is professor of medical oncology in the UCL Cancer Institute and director of Cancer Research UK and UCL Cancer Trials Centre. He is an honorary consultant in medical oncology at UCLH. He trained in internal medicine and medical oncology in London and Toronto, Canada.

He specialises in gynaecological cancer treatment and research and has led many national and international clinical trials. He has held leadership positions in National and International research organisations, is a NIHR senior investigator and fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. He is vice president of ESGO (European Society of Gynaecological Oncology) and deputy editor for ESMO gynaecological cancer guidelines committee. He is chair of the GICG rare tumour working party.

He has been on council of BGCS, chair of the non-surgical subgroup of BGCS and a member of Council of IGCS. He was formerly chair of the NCRI gynaecological cancer group and ESMO gynaecological cancer educational committee and a member of the EMA specialist advisory committee. He is on the editorial board of several cancer journals and has published widely on his research, and given lectures at many international meetings.

Research interests

  • Cancer clinical trials - leadership of an International cancer trials centre with expertise in design and development of trials
  • Clinical trials in gynaecological cancers with specific interests in targeted therapies and immunotherapy


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