Professional background

Karl Peggs is a professor of transplant science and cancer immunotherapy, scientific director NIHR blood and transplant research unit for stem cells and immunotherapies, and clinical and scientific director of the Sir Naim Dangoor Centre for Cellular Therapy, UCLH.

Karl completed his medical training at Cambridge and Oxford Universities. Following specialisation in haematology, he spent three years developing cellular therapies for viruses at UCL. After taking the position head of adult stem cell transplantation services at UCLH, he spent three years at MSKCC in the laboratory of Dr James Allison, contributing to the body of work underpinning checkpoint blockade that led to the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2018.

He runs a joint research laboratory with Professor Sergio Quezada in the UCL Cancer Institute and is co-founder of the UCL spinout company Achilles Therapeutics. His research interests include viral infections, adoptive cellular therapies, and regulatory checkpoint-directed immune-therapeutics. More recently he has established the clinical translational side of the academic CAR-T cell programme at UCLH.

Research interests

• Cellular therapies
• Stem cell transplantation
• Viral infections
• Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin's lymphomas


Most recent publications

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