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We understand that you will be eager to receive the results of the investigations carried out during your appointment. How you get your results depends on which test is done and which clinic you are seen in. The easiest and fastest way to obtain your test results is via MyCare, our electronic portal. Please ask a member of staff for details on how to register
for this service.

Consultant led tropical medicine clinics

The clinician who sees you will usually book a follow up appointment to discuss your results. This will either be a virtual (telephone/video) or a face-to-face appointment. This may occur a few weeks after your initial appointment, as some laboratory investigations take longer to process than others.

Walk-in service/Rapid Access Infectious Diseases (RAID) clinic

The nature of these clinics means you may require more urgent investigations. You may be asked to wait in clinic for some of your test results. For example, if you have been
tested for malaria with a blood film, if we would like to see some results more quickly than usual (e.g. full blood count or renal function), or if we are investigating you for a certain
type of amoebic infection. Your clinician will advise whether you need to wait in clinic for your results or whether you will be contacted with them. In many cases you will be booked
a follow up appointment.

Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT)

You will usually be asked to attend weekly for a clinical review. This is to ensure your treatment is working and to monitor your infection markers, as well as a general review. Your clinician will let you know whether they would like you to wait in clinic for your blood results.

Daycase Treatment

You may come to the clinic to receive IV medication over a few days or weeks, or for a procedure. In some cases we might need to send urgent investigations, normally blood tests, before we can commence your treatment. We will let you know if this is the case. If you have any further questions or your results for some reason do not get communicated to you, please contact us. Clinicians will always send a letter to you and your GP detailing your investigations. The fastest way to view this and all test results is by using MyCare.

What if my results need more urgent follow up?

Please be advised that if any of your results are concerning, you will always be contacted separately, whether you have a follow up appointment booked or not. We kindly request that you do not call the clinic for results if you have already been given a follow up appointment, or been told that you will receive your results in a letter.

Further information

Have you travelled to a tropical country in the last 6-12 months and are you acutely unwell? You can be seen in our emergency walk-in clinic Monday to Friday 9am-4pm. Our travel medicine service offers specialist travel advice including for individuals with complex health conditions. We offer this on a privately and via NHS referral basis. Please contact: or 020 3447 7999 for more information about our services.