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You have been recommended to use a Mepilex® dressing on your skin that has broken down (become inflamed and started peeling and become moist) due to your radiotherapy or proton beam therapy treatment. 

Mepilex® dressings help to:

  • Protect the treated area.
  • Absorb any oozing from the wound.
  • Keep your skin moist, which helps promote healing.
  • Keep the area clean.

It may be helpful to share this factsheet with your family, GP, district or practice nurse, if you have to see them to have your dressings changed.

Mepilex® dressings can be used in combination with gels and creams which may have been given to you by the radiotherapy review team, such as Flaminal Hydro, Flaminal Forte or Instillagel.

Instructions for use

Wash and dry your hands well, before and after applying the dressing. 

Make sure to have a clean space (e.g., a clean towel) on which to place the fresh products, and to have everything you need to do the cleansing and dressing change. 

Carefully remove the dressing before you shower or bathe each day. 

Clean the area of affected skin with lukewarm water and a clean flannel or gauze. 

Your skin may bleed a little after cleansing. This is normal.

Gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel. Make sure the surrounding skin is thoroughly dry to help the dressing stick. Apply moisturiser to the unbroken skin.

If you have been recommended to use gels such as Flaminal Hydro, Flaminal Forte or Instillagel, gently apply a layer to the broken skin.

Remove the protective layer from the dressing and apply with the sticky side down over the broken skin. 

The dressing should overlap onto the surrounding skin by at least 2cm. It can be trimmed to size, if needed. The adhesive should not damage the skin as it is especially gentle for fragile skin.

To help the dressing stay in place you may need to secure with a bandage or tape. The review team will show you how to do this.

Mepilex® dressings can be left in place for several days. We will tell you how often to change your dressing. 

Please change your dressing every ___ days

If the gel has dried out and the Mepilex dressing is clean, you can lift the dressing and apply a fresh layer of gel. Apply gel as often as required.

Once the wound has healed and your skin is no longer moist, you can stop using the Mepilex® and continue using creams/gels/moisturiser.

Please tell us if the Mepilex® dressing irritates your skin. 

Signs of infection 

  • Feverish, flu-like symptoms.
  • The area is red, hot and swollen.
  • There is a smelly discharge. 
  • Increased pain from the wound.

If you notice any of the above signs during your treatment, tell a radiographer or nurse as soon as possible. If you have finished your treatment and you notice any of these signs, contact your GP or District Nurse as soon as possible.

It is not unusual for the area to produce a discharge on the dressing which can look slightly green and thick. If you are worried, please do not hesitate to call us.

Contact us

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020 3456 8000/8001

Out of hours oncology advice number (available 24 hours)
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