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EasyRead PBT1.png Proton Beam Therapy is a type of Radiotherapy treatment, which kills cancer cells inside your body. 
EasyReadPBT2.png Proton Beam Therapy is given by a big machine that moves around you, it will not touch or hurt you. 

If you are having proton beam treatment, you need to go to the hospital to see the doctor. 

You may be away from home for few days. 

EasyReadPBT4.png Your doctor will tell you about proton beam treatment and possible side effects and will ask to give your consent
EasyReadPBT5.png Consent means that you understand and agree to have proton beam therapy. 

If you are having treatment to your head and neck area, you will have a mask made. 

You will wear your mask for treatment.


You will need to have a CT scan to help plan your proton beam therapy. 

It is very important to keep still for the scan. 


You may also have an MRI scan to help plan your proton beam therapy. 

The MRI scanner is noisy. 

It is very important to keep still for the scan.


You may need to take some of your clothes off and wear a hospital gown for your scan and proton beam therapy. 


We may take a photograph of your face. 

We check the photograph every time you come for treatment to make sure we are treating the correct person.

EasyReadPBT11.png The people who do the CT and MRI scans and proton beam therapy are called radiographers. 
EasyReadPBT12.png The radiographer will need to leave the room for up to 40 minutes during your CT and MRI scan. 
EasyReadPBT13.png Radiographers can see and talk to you when you are alone in the room. 
EasyReadPBT14.png If you are frightened at any point, raise your hand and the scan will be stopped. 

We will draw crosses on your skin before the scan. Afterwards we will give you a small permanent tattoo. 

It will be the size of a freckle.

EasyReadPBT16.png The tattoo dots help to position you correctly for treatment. 

You will be given an appointment sheet with date on which you will start your treatment. 

You can leave hospital after this. 

Your proton beam therapy will start few weeks after.


When you start your proton beam therapy, you may be staying in London, away from home. 

Your doctor will let you know how many weeks of treatment you will need. 

EasyReadPBT19.png When you come for your proton beam therapy, you will see a radiographer who will tell you what will happen. 

You will have daily treatment, Monday to Friday. Treatment can take from 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

It is very important to keep still during the whole treatment time. 


The treatment machine is noisy

We can play music in the room if you like that.


You may experience side effects which are things that happen because of the treatment. Some of the common side effects are listed below. 

Your doctor will tell you more about these side effects. 


Low Blood Count


Feeling Tired


Sore Skin


Sore Throat




Feeling Sick

EasyReadPBT29.png Nurses will help you to manage your side effects. 
EasyReadPBT13.png Radiographers will also help you to manage your side effects. 
EasyReadPBT30.png Tell us if you are worried or have any questions. We are here to help you. 
EasyReadPBT31.png After finishing treatment, you will get an appointment by post to see a doctor about how you are doing. 


You may ring the number on the appointment letter for more information. 

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