Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2023.0046 Response FOI/2023/0046 - Framework and off framework agency usage and spend Human resources 16/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0047 Response FOI/2023/0047 - Tier 3 and Tier 4 weight management services Trust services 17/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0050 Response FOI/2023/0050 - Staff sick leave Human resources 18/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0051 Response FOI/2023/0051 - First or business class plane tickets for employees travel for work trips abroad Finance 18/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0052 Response FOI/2023/0052 - Skin SSMDT Trust services 19/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0057 Response FOI/2023/0057 - Medical records policy and procedure Trust policy 20/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0058 Response FOI/2023/0058 - Skin cancer pathway management Cancer 20/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0059 Response FOI/2023/0059 - Medical negligence claims Clinical governance 20/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0054 Response FOI/2023/0054 - Local formulary used at the Trust Pharmacy 23/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0062 Response FOI/2023/0062 - Number of sick days taken by nurses since 2010 Human resources 23/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0063 Response FOI/2023/0063 - Women who have given birth at the Trust aged 50 or above Maternity services 23/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0064 Response FOI/2023/0064 - Children's operations cancelled/ delayed for non-clinical reasons from 2018 to 2022 Patients 24/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0065 Response FOI/2023/0065 - A&E deaths from 2010 to 2022 Emergency services 24/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0066 Response FOI/2023/0066 - Hospital catering - beef and poultry meat procured Estates and facilities 25/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0068 Response FOI/2023/0068 - Intrapartum stillbirths, maternal deaths, neonatal deaths Maternity services 25/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0069 Response FOI/2023/0069 - Operations waits for under-18s Surgery 26/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0070 Response FOI/2023/0070 - Connectivity and network services Information technology 26/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0072 Response FOI/2023/0072 - Contact centre Trust services 27/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0073 Response FOI/2023/0073 - Telephony and UC/ collaboration, Microsoft 365 licence and on-premise or cloud storage Information technology 27/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0075 Response FOI/2023/0075 - Attrition rates for staff working in advanced practice roles Human resources 27/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0076 Response FOI/2023/0076 - Personal mobile/ Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy Trust policy 27/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0077 Response FOI/2023/0077 - Security/ cyber security insurance spending Finance 27/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0078 Response FOI/2023/0078 - Total loss written off in 2021/22 Finance 27/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0079 Response FOI/2023/0079 - Expenditure over £25,000 Finance 27/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0080 Response FOI/2023/0080 - Treatment for Myeloid leukaemia (AML) and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia Pharmacy 30/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0081 Response FOI/2023/0081 - Biometric technology wearables/ data collection Information governance 30/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0082 Response FOI/2023/0082 - Organisation structure for Performance and Planning department Organisational structures 30/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0083 Response FOI/2023/0083 - Software systems/ suppliers used at Trust Information technology 31/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0084 Response FOI/2023/0084 - Neutral vendor managed service/ master vendor managed service for the supply of temporary agency staff Procurement 31/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0085 Response FOI/2023/0085 - Reporting system for sexual misconduct Safety 31/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0155 Response FOI/2023/0155 - Patient transport policy Trust policy 31/01/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0086 Response FOI/2023/0086 - Number/ wait times for MRI scans for multiple sclerosis/ dementia/ prostate/ pancreatic cancer Imaging 01/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0087 Response FOI/2023/0087 - Clinical imaging equipment Imaging 01/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0088 Response FOI/2023/0088 - Appointments changed from in person to telephone due to industrial action Patients 01/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0090 Response FOI/2023/0090 - Bone density scan (DEXA) facilities Trust services 01/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0091 Response FOI/2023/0091 - Recruitment framework agencies spend for 2021/22 Finance 01/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0095 Response FOI/2023/0095 - NHS drug expiry costs Finance 03/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0096 Response FOI/2023/0096 - Software systems Information technology 03/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0097 Response FOI/2023/0097 - External consultancy services Human resources 06/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0099 Response FOI/2023/0099 - Number of autoclaves used at Trust Infection control 06/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0101 Response FOI/2023/0101 - Trauma protocols in pregnant patients Women's health 06/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0104 Response FOI/2023/0104 - Fax machines Information technology 06/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0102 Response FOI/2023/0102 - Policy for wearing masks in A&E Infection control 07/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0103 Response FOI/2023/0103 - Genetic Haemochromatosis patients Patients 07/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0105 Response FOI/2023/0105 - Maternity services birthing centre Maternity services 07/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0106 Response FOI/2023/0106 - Radiotherapy market dynamics Commissioning 08/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0108 Response FOI/2023/0108 - Agencies for temporary non-medical non-clinical staff spend Finance 08/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0109 Response FOI/2023/0109 - UK-EU aggrement S2 funding applications and treatments Commissioning 08/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0110 Response FOI/2023/0110 - General anaesthesia paediatric dental waiting times Patient treatment 09/02/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0111 Response FOI/2023/0111 - Migraine treatment Pharmacy 09/02/2023