Professional background

Professor Kwee Yong was educated at Oxford University and University College London (UCL).  She completed doctoral studies at UCL, and was awarded a PhD in 1993 for her work on growth factors. Professor Yong returned to UCL as senior lecturer and honorary consultant in 1999, since when she has been clinical and academic lead in multiple myeloma at University College Hospital and the North London Cancer Network (NLCN), and wrote the NLCN guideline for the management of this cancer.
Prof Yong is a member of the NCRI Myeloma Clinical Studies Group, and is chief investigator on several NCRN phase 2 studies addressing novel treatment regimens and strategies in multiple myeloma.  She is member of the R & D and steering committees of the clinical trials network established in 2009 to run early phase studies in the UK. She has contributed to the recent revision of the UKMF/Nordic myeloma guidelines 2011, published in British Journal of Haematology. She is a member of the executive board of the UK Myeloma Forum, and acts as clinical expert for NICE technology appraisals. She is a regular speaker at national and international meetings.

Prof Yong also runs a laboratory programme working on aspects of myeloma biology and the mechanisms of bone disease.  This programme has received funding from Cancer Research UK, Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund and Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. She has published over 70 original papers in peer-reviewed journals, and is a reviewer for international journals and grant-awarding bodies.  Prof Yong runs the undergraduate programme in haematology at UCL Medical School. 

Research interests

  • Haemato-oncology multiple myeloma: biology
  • Cell cycle regulation and bone disease


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