Our specialist myeloma team holds four myeloma outpatient clinics per week, seeing over 300 patients every month.

As well as consultants, research fellows and clinical nurse specialists, our myeloma multi-disciplinary team includes clinical oncologists, pain specialists, palliative care clinical nurse specialists, spinal surgeons and musculo-skeletal radiologists. Our clinical nurse specialists meet with patients at their first consultation and remain their key worker throughout their myeloma journey.

We run a large and active clinical trial programme, from phase I first-in-man studies to randomized phase III trials. Our patients have the opportunity to receive novel treatments, including state-of-the-art protocols. Around 50% of patients receiving treatment for myeloma at UCLH are on clinical trials, and they are supported by a myeloma research nurse and two myeloma clinical trials practitioners. We also run a survivorship study for patients who have completed their chemotherapy.

We perform around 70 stem cell transplants annually; the majority are autologous stem cell transplants.

Conditions treated

Patient contact

Other contact information

If you are a patient please call the Patient Telephone Line for all queries to your team: 0203 447 7359. Please note the line is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Outside of the office hours (listed above) and for medical advice only, patients may call the haematology ward: 07852 220 900.

Please note this line is for patients only –medical professionals should call the general enquiries line for any patient related queries.


University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre
Outpatient clinics - 1st and 4th floors
Haematology day care - 4th floor
Blood tests/phlebotomy - lower ground floor

Other referral information

Referrals concerning a raised paraprotein level or the presence of urinary Bence-Jones protein are appropriate for this clinic. We also see patients with a known plasmacytoma, with POEMS syndrome, with unexplained back pain and vertebral collapse or spinal cord compression.

Referrals come from within the North London Cancer Network and from centres in Hertfordshire, Surry and Sussex.

Access to patient results

The latest results will be included in the clinic-letters and can be accessed using the MyCare app.


Referral address

Department of Haematology, UCLH
250 Euston Road
London NW1 2PG

We have a large and active portfolio of clinical trials at UCLH which our clinical teams can direct referrals towards. We also work in close collaboration with the myeloma research department at UCL, which is led by Prof. Kwee Yong.