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The screening clinics at UCLH are for finding infections in those who may be a risk. Many infections are easily treatable and can prevent serious illness.

NHS screening and treatment is free of charge.

A language translator will be provided at the clinic.

At the clinic

  1. You will be asked which countries you have been to and approximate dates of travel, so that we know which infections to look for.
  2. The nurse will ask a few questions about your health and medications.
  3. The nurse will collect: blood, urine and stool samples to test for infections.

Results can take two or more weeks to come back and will be shared with you and your GP.

  • We will contact you by letter if there are no infections and everything is fine.
  • We will also let you know (by letter and phone call) if we need to ask you to return to UCLH for more tests or for treatment.

Your appointment is on _______ (date) _______ at _______ (time)

Children’s Outpatients Lower Ground Floor

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Building Grafton Way

London WC1E 6DB


Call: 020 3447 7876

Reception: 020 3447 6531
























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