Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

If you have any comments or queries about the log please contact uclh.foi@nhs.net

Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2023.0729 Response FOI/2023/0729 - In-patient beds and operating theatres Trust services 03/10/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0727 Response FOI/2023/0727 - Prescribed puberty blockers Patient treatment 03/10/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0721 Response FOI/2023/0721 - Policy for reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010 Trust policy 28/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0719 Response FOI/2023/0719 - Website accessibility overlay/ WCAG-compliance Information technology 27/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0718 Response FOI/2023/0718 - A&E admissions for children with allergic reactions Emergency services 27/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0717 Response FOI/2023/0717 - Stolen or lost patient property Security 27/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0716 Response FOI/2023/0716 - Agency use across nursing and doctors/ expenditure 2022/23 Human resources 27/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0715 Response FOI/2023/0715 - Hoarding and self-neglect Trust services 27/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0714 Response FOI/2023/0714 - Medicines product list/ medicines formulary Pharmacy 26/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0713 Response FOI/2023/0713 - Administration of medicines policies Trust policy 26/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0712 Response FOI/2023/0712 - Nerve Unit referrals/ operations Neurology 26/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0711 Response FOI/2023/0711 - Equality, diversity and inclusion staff roles Human resources 25/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0710 Response FOI/2023/0710 - Number of substantive consultants/ clinical academics at Trust Human resources 25/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0709 Response FOI/2023/0709 - Temporary and permanent agency recruitment/ spend 2023 Finance 25/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0708 Response FOI/2023/0708 - Private Patient Unit (PPU) systems Information technology 22/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0706 Response FOI/2023/0706 - Child immunisation service/ screening and immunisation teams Trust services 22/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0707 Response FOI/2023/0707 - Robotic surgery in Gynaecology Surgery 21/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0705 Response FOI/2023/0705 - Electronic Health Record (EHR) system Information technology 21/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0704 Response FOI/2023/0704 - Informatics/ patient administration system/ data warehouse solution Information technology 21/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0703 Response FOI/2023/0703 - Sanitary waste contract for washroom facilities Procurement 21/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0702 Response FOI/2023/0702 - Primary IT system for Trust e-mail Information technology 19/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0701 Response FOI/2023/0701 - Temporary staff spend/ waiting list initiatives and overtime Spend for 2022/23 Finance 19/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0700 Response FOI/2023/0700 - Agency nursing shifts/ spend Human resources 19/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0699 Response FOI/2023/0699 - Finance/ Procurement/ Estates and Facilities organisation charts Organisational structure 19/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0698 Response FOI/2023/0698 - Teatment of breast cancer Cancer 19/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0696 Response FOI/2023/0696 - Freedom of Information (FOI) requests/ staff details Trust services 19/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0695 Response FOI/2023/0695 - Wait times for diagnostic colonoscopy/ diagnostic flexible sigmoidoscopy referrals Patients 18/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0694 Response FOI/2023/0694 - Salary sacrifices, season ticket loans, cycle to work and childcare assistance policies Trust policy 18/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0693 Response FOI/2023/0693 - Lipoprotein(a) testing Trust services 18/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0692 Response FOI/2023/0692 - Trust's Five year strategy spend Finance 18/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0691 Response FOI/2023/0691 - Integrated medicine Trust services 18/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0689 Response FOI/2023/0689 - Access to digital test results for patients Patients 18/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0688 Response FOI/2023/0688 - Staff bank framework Human resources 15/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0687 Response FOI/2023/0687 - Information Governance pay grades Human resources 15/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0686 Response FOI/2023/0686 - Hysteroscopy Inpatient and Outpatient pathways Women's health 14/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0685 Response FOI/2023/0684 - Web filtering/ proxy contract Information technology 13/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0684 Response FOI/2023/0684 - IT ransomware solutions Information technology 13/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0683 Response FOI/2023/0683 - Electronic Patient Records (EPR)/ Patient Administration System (PAS) Information technology 13/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0681 Response FOI/2023/0681 - Patient friends and family test supplier Procurement 13/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0678 Response FOI/2023/0678 - Number of retired doctors who returned to work Human resources 12/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0675 Response FOI/2023/0675 - Number of cancer treatments at each stage Cancer 11/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0674 Response FOI/2023/0674 - Vehicles fleet list Estates and facilities 11/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0672 Response FOI/2023/0672 - Treatment with dermatology and respiratory medicine Pharmacy 11/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0670 Response FOI/2023/0670 - Treatment with immunomodulatory medications Pharmacy 08/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0668 Response FOI/2023/0668 - Temporary staff management/ vendor management system Human resources 08/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0667 Response FOI/2023/0667 - Training in informed consent for doctors Human resources 07/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0666 Response FOI/2023/0666 - Car park management contract Estates and facilities 07/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0665 Response FOI/2023/0665 - Trust pathology services Trust services 07/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0664 Response FOI/2023/0664 - Employment tribunal claims and costs Human resources 06/09/2023
Ref no FOI.2023.0663 Response FOI/2023/0663 - Trust IT systems Information technology 06/09/2023