Our disclosure log publishes responses that we have provided under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). They are displayed by subject and in the order in which they were received. If you would like to make a request under the FOIA please check here first to see if the information you need has already been released.

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Title Description FOI Category Date Received
Ref no FOI.2020.0539 Response FOI/2020/0539 - Caesarean sections Maternity services 21/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0536 Response FOI/2020/0536 - Award of the EPR contract to Epic Information technology 20/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0537 Response FOI/2020/0537 - Pharmacy department structure Organisational structures 20/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0533 Response FOI/2020/0533 - Whipple procedure and liver transplantation Trust services 19/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0534 Response FOI/2020/0534 - Treatment of Head & Neck Cancer (H&N) and Renal Cancer (RCC) Cancer 19/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0535 Response FOI/2020/0535 - Cataract procedures Trust services 19/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0532 Response FOI/2020/0532 - BAME staff vulnerable to contracting or dying from Covid 19 Covid-19 19/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0531 Response FOI/2020/0531 - Contact details of senior staff Human resources 16/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0527 Response FOI/2020/0527 - Security/ Cybersecurity breaches Information governance 15/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0528 Response FOI/2020/0528 - Contact details of Trust's senior staff Human resources 15/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0529 Response FOI/2020/0529 - Tier 3 weight management service Trust services 15/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0530 Response FOI/2020/0530 - Clinical service incidents Safety 15/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0525 Response FOI/2020/0525 - Heart attack admissions Hospital admission 14/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0526 Response FOI/2020/0526 - NHS Financial instructions and procurement and tendering procedures Trust policy 14/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0520 Response FOI/2020/0520 - Recruitment of nurses from overseas Human resources 13/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0521 Response FOI/2020/0521 - Purchase of Medtronic NIM 3.0 Response Nerve Monitors Procurement 13/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0522 Response FOI/2020/0522 - Acquired brain injury admissions Hospital admission 13/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0523 Response FOI/2020/0523 - Cataract and/or YAG capsulotomy procedures Trust services 13/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0524 Response FOI/2020/0524 - Finance Department structure chart Organisational structures 13/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0517 Response FOI/2020/0517 - Overseas visitors charged for maternity health care provision Maternity services 12/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0518 Response FOI/2020/0518 - Violence prevention audit - initiatives within Emergency Department Trust services 12/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0519 Response FOI/2020/0519 - UCLH IT systems validation Information technology 12/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0516 Response FOI/2020/0516 - Number of staff making decisions at each stage of recruitment Human resources 09/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0514 Response FOI/2020/0514 - Prostate cancer diagnosis Cancer 08/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0515 Response FOI/2020/0515 - Commencement of prescription puberty-blockers for under-18s Patient treatment 08/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0513 Response FOI/2020/0513 - Pest control call-outs Estates and facilities 07/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0511 Response FOI/2020/0511 - Overseas charging policy and monitoring Trust services 06/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0509 Response FOI/2020/0509 - Refurbishment of UCLH office space Estates and Facilities 05/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0510 Response FOI/2020/0510 - Trust's data security spending Information governance 05/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0504 Response FOI/2020/0504 - Ultrasound imaging devices currently in operation Imaging 02/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0506 Response FOI/2020/0506 - Windows 10 desktop migration Information technology 02/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0507 Response FOI/2020/0507 - Recruitment and or resourcing of clinical staffing Human resources 02/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0501 Response FOI/2020/0501 - Coronavirus transmission and deaths in hospital Covid-19 01/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0502 Response FOI/2020/0502 - Operating system used by Trust/ number of fax machines Information technology 01/10/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0498 Response FOI/2020/0498 - Total agency spend Finance 30/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0499 Response FOI/2020/0499 - Use of defibrotide for the treatment of Hepatic Veno-occlusive disease Patient treatment 30/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0492 Response FOI/2020/0492 - ECG machines Procurement 29/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0493 Response FOI/2020/0493 - Dental treatment Patient treatment 29/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0494 Response FOI/2020/0494 - NHS Wheelchair services before and after Covid-19 Trust services 29/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0487 Response FOI/2020/0487 - Use of identifiable uniforms within Trust Human Resources 28/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0488 Response FOI/2020/0488 - Target waiting time for a child/young person experiencing first episode of psychosis Patients 28/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0489 Response FOI/2020/0489 - Staff physically attacked and staff theft Safety 28/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0490 Response FOI/2020/0490 - Cancelled operations for adults Patient treatment 28/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0491 Response FOI/2020/0491 - Physical restraint use of force on vulnerable patients Patient safety 28/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0496 Response FOI/2020/0496 - Information about Covid-19 for Leeds Hosptial Covid-19 27/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0508 Response FOI/2020/0508 - Existing maintenance contract for flexible endoscope inventory Procurement 25/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0484 Response FOI/2020/0484 - Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) compliance policy and reports from FY 2010/2020 Trust services 25/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0485 Response FOI/2020/0485 - Staff annual leave requests denied Human Resources 25/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0486 Response FOI/2020/0486 - Trust’s taxi and patient transport services Transport 25/09/2020
Ref no FOI.2020.0480 Response FOI/2020/0480 - Locum agency spend for doctors in acute settings and in the community Finance 24/09/2020