If your clinician has referred you for a blood test, please book your blood test appointment (phlebotomy) online in advance.

How to book your blood test appointment 

You can use an online booking system called Swiftqueue to book most adult blood test appointments at UCLH sites to help you plan your visit:

Book your blood test appointment now

This replaced the booking link through MyCare. If you already have appointments booked with us, these are unaffected by this change and you should attend as planned.

There is no change to where you see us for these appointments and the walk-in service remains as it is now.  

Book and register   

The first time you use the system to book a blood test appointment, you will need to register for an account. You can then view all your blood test appointments in your Swiftqueue account where you can cancel or reschedule them as needed. 

If you need help  

If you are unable to book online or have issues with your booking, please contact the UCLH Phlebotomy team.   

Check-in kiosk (tablet) and electronic screen when you arrive  

When you come to a clinic at UCLH for your blood test appointment, you will notice a check-in kiosk or tablet. Use it to check in and avoid queuing at reception.

You will be called in for your appointment by a new electronic screen rather than reception staff. The new system supports a more efficient running of our clinics.

If you arrive for your blood test without a pre-booked appointment, you can still use the check-in kiosk to find the next available slot:

  • On the screen, select "Walk in - I do not have an appointment"
  • Check the next available slot and number of patients waiting
  • Select next available slot or view more options and select another time
  • Add your name and initials and confirm

Bookings through Macmillan Cancer Centre  

If you are a patient receiving treatment at the Macmillan Cancer Centre, staff will continue to book your blood test appointments and communicate the day and time to you.  You can then view your appointments for a blood test (phlebotomy) on your computer, phone or tablet through Swiftqueue. 

If you are having chemotherapy in daycare at the Macmillan Cancer Centre, the administration team will book your appointment. It is essential to have your bloods on the allocated day to enable your treatment to go ahead. If you need to change the appointment, please contact the administration team. 

All other appointments you can book through Swiftqueue yourself. You can also use your Swiftqueue account to then change or cancel your appointments as needed.  

If you have queries about your blood test appointment, please contact the relevant clinical team: 

Bookings through your GP  

If your GP book blood test appointments on your behalf, they can also do this through Swiftqueue.