If your doctor has referred you for a blood test, please book your phlebotomy (blood test) appointment online in advance.

The system helps to keep patients safer through social distancing by reducing the number of patients in any one location at a specific time. At the moment, you can only book your appointment up to seven days in advance.

How to book your phlebotomy appointment

If you have a registered MyCare UCLH (patient portal) account, just sign into MyCare on your computer, phone or tablet and select “Book a new appointment”.

If you do not have a MyCare UCLH account, you can still book your appointment online here.

Follow the steps below to complete your booking.

  1. Choose a specialty: Phlebotomy will already be selected for you.
  2. Choose a type of appointment:
    • UCLH requested blood test (Only select this option if a UCLH doctor referred you for a blood test. Please do NOT select this option if your GP referred you as we will NOT have your referral form)
    • GP requested blood test (Select this option if your GP referred you for a blood test at a participating GP practice)
  3. Choose a time: Click on the “All” buttons to select or deselect available locations and days.
  4. Confirm and schedule: Check appointment details and click on “BOOK IT!”
  5. You’re almost done:
    • Schedule as a guest (add your patient information and confirm your details if you are not a MyCare UCLH patient portal user
    • Log in and schedule it (use this option if you are a registered MyCare UCLH patient portal user).

If you need help 

See our patient information leaflet for details: Book your blood test appointment online - patient information sheet. 

For more information on blood test appointments and how to prepare, see our Phlebotomy service page.

If you are unable to book online or have issues with your booking, please contact the UCLH Pathology team.  

Tel: 020 3447 9051 (between 09:00 and 17:00 weekdays)  

Email: uclh.patientbloodtestrequest@nhs.net