The Cancer Academy was launched in late 2016 as a key part of the UCLH Cancer Strategy. The Academy responds to the need for improving patient experience and provides programmes for people affected by cancer. It also responds to an opportunity to support staff in realising their full potential. Our launch was made possible through philanthropic support from our commercial partner Amplifi and through investment by the UCLH Trustees.

The Cancer Academy works closely with the University College Hospital (UCH) Education Centre, the UK's most advanced medical and clinical training facility. The Education Centre's premium facilities provide opportunities for healthcare professionals at every level to learn, enhance and optimise their clinical skills and medical knowledge through experimental learning. For more information on the Education Centre and for course booking, please visit their website.

The Cancer Academy comprises four schools which have been established with direction from staff and patients. Our philosophy is to empower people through personal development and opportunity. We achieve this by adopting a combination of approaches across the four schools including quality improvement, coaching and providing access to internationally regarded subject matter experts. These are made possible by our collaboration with the UCLH Institute and UCL, our world leading multi-faculty university partner.

Initially the scope of the Cancer Academy encompasses UCLH staff and patients. Our ambition is to work with partners across the region to extend the remit so that patients and staff working in cancer services across UCLH become beneficiaries and active members of the Academy.

Please let us know if you have an idea for a course that’s not available – the Academy will develop and evolve with your needs.