Publish date: 08 February 2023

Today’s CBBC Operation Ouch features a nose biopsy on Dr Xand van Tulleken carried out at UCLH.

This special cancer episode marks World Cancer Day and looks at the latest cancer treatments as well as offering tips about talking to someone with cancer. Twin doctors Chris and Xand who, incidentally, trained at UCL and UCLH, are talking cancer and answering all the big questions: What is it? Why do people get it? How can it be treated? And how can you help someone going through it?

The duo also meet Darcey who donated her hair to make an amazing wig, visit an incredible hospice supporting families affected by cancer, and discover the latest cancer-busting technology.

The segment at UCLH shows Dr Xand undergoing the biopsy last year to ascertain whether a growth in his nose was cancerous or not.

Dr Xand said: “The Operation Ouch Cancer Special holds a very special place in my heart. We planned the episode for many years and the team at UCLH understood the value of the programme and did a fantastic job protecting and supporting the patients and professionals we filmed. I got to see this from both sides as I found myself having a biopsy to investigate a nasal growth which we filmed for the show. It is a nerve wracking thing to have investigations for cancer and the team were all fantastic. The kids and healthcare professionals on the show have done an amazing thing allowing themselves to be filmed during such stressful and intimate moments and it was a huge privilege to work with them and tell their stories: they will help so many families around the UK (and the world) to feel that they are not alone.”

You can watch on CBBC on Wednesday 8 February or watch on catch up here.