Publish date: 06 May 2020

We have been alerted to a possible doorstep scam where members of the public are being offered COVID-19 tests. If someone knocks on your door offering a COVID-19 test, please alert the police.


Any COVID-19 test arranged by UCLH would be done by your clinical team. They would contact you either by telephone or by letter to arrange for your COVID-19 test to be booked, or sent to you by post. Tests are only arranged for people who are currently receiving treatment, or with treatment planned in the next few weeks at UCLH.

If you were part of the Linkage Study, the research team may phone you about COVID-19 testing. If you want to check this call is genuine, email

If anyone contacts you to arrange a COVID-19 test and you have any concerns, please contact UCLH using the contact details on your latest clinic letter. If you do not have an appointment at UCLH, please contact the police. 

Helpful information from the Met Police about avoiding scams is here