Professional background

Ben Lovell MBBS MRCP FHEA MSc FAcadMEd DRCOG is an associate professor of medical education and a consultant in acute internal medicine at UCLH, where he is also the postgraduate lead for acute medicine.

As well as acute and general hospital medicine, his training includes respiratory medicine, intensive care, geriatrics and cardiology. His educational background is based in simulation training, and he is the clinical lead for simulation and clinical skills for internal medicine training at UCLH. 

His research background is in the qualitative exploration of communities and social groups within medical undergraduates, and coaching methodologies within medical education. He is currently the associate editor of ‘Acute Medicine Journal’, an international, peer-reviewed journal of Acute Medicine.

He is the author of two medical textbooks.

Research interests

Coaching, resilience, social identity within medical communities


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