Professional background

Professor Davis is a Wellcome Trust intermediate clinical fellow and honorary consultant in geriatric medicine. He qualified from the University of Edinburgh in 2003 and undertook postgraduate training in Oxford and London. His PhD was obtained from the University of Cambridge.

At UCLH, he is interested in improving the care of older people with cognitive impairment in the hospital setting, with specific expertise in the diagnosis and management of delirium.

Research interests

Professor Davis's primary interest is the relationship between delirium and/or acute illness and trajectories of cognitive decline in large population-representative studies. He seeks to understand these relationships in their broadest sense, from the pathophysiological underpinnings through to the implications for health care policy.

Prof Davis is the PI of the Delirium and Population Health Informatics Cohort (DELPHIC) study, which tracks cognition before, during and after acute illness in older Camden residents.

His academic appointment is as a principal clinical researcher at the MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL.


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