Professional background

Adam Rosenthal PhD FRCOG is consultant gynaecologist / lead colposcopist at UCLH. His clinical interests are gynaecological and anal pre-cancers, colposcopy, high-resolution anoscopy, laparoscopic surgery and inherited (familial) gynaecological cancers.

He is also the clinical lead on the UK familial ovarian cancer screening study and medical director of the ALDO project. He is an asociate clinical professor at UCL and has published extensively on screening for gynaecological cancers and their molecular biology, in journals including the Lancet and the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

He is a medical advisor to various charities, including the Eve Appeal and Ovacome. An acknowleged expert on inherited gynaecological cancer, Adam has given interviews on TV and radio on this specialist area.

Research interests

Inherited gynaecological cancers, gynaecological cancer screening, anogenital pre-cancer


Selected from last five years:

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