Professional background

Dr Arndt Melzer was trained in Germany at Universitätsklinikum Würzburg. After finishing his anaesthetic training in 2004 he worked as an full time intensive care consultant in a tertiary university hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania from 2004-2008. He is lead of a RCoA endorsed fellowship program in global anaesthesia and engaged in various educational activities in global anaesthesia.

From 2008-2018 he worked at Klinikum Fulda, University Marburg, Germany with a focus on neonatal and pediatric anaesthesia, cardiothoracis and regional anaesthesia. He worked full time on ICU for two years to qualify as an intensive care consultant. He was appointed head of the department of prehospital anaesthesia and HEMS services for the ADAC Luftrettung "Christoph 28“.

Arndt has been appointed consultant anaesthetist at UCLH 2018. He has specialised in ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia, pediatric anaesthesia, thoracic anaesthesia, upper GI surgery including bariatric surgery and vascular anaesthesia.

He is currently clinical lead of the anaesthesia associates at UCLH. He is head of the North Central London Adult Critical Care Transfer Service which is based at UCLH.

He has been appointed as Honorary Clinical Senior Teaching Fellow at UCL and is leading the development and implementation of the new MSc Anaesthesia and Perioperative Science and the Massive Open Online Course in“Transfer medicine“.

External appointments: EMS doctor for the fire brigade Fulda/Malteser Unfallhilfe Fulda

Research interests

  • Global anaesthesia
  • Transfer medicine (critical care transfer and retrieval)
  • Simulation training and human factor training

Languages spoken

German, French, Kiswahili


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