Professional background

David trained in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine and joined the team in 2010. He leads the successful Critical Care Clinical Trials Team which are recognised as one of the highest performing teams within the UK and capable of performing on a global level. They have run over 35 clinical trials, specialising in early phase interventions in areas such as sepsis and ARDS with global firsts, high recruitment rates and data quality. However, he feels the lack of progress in this area has been hampered by the diagnostic uncertainty that the clinician and researcher frequently face. He is co-applicant on several major grant awards aimed at improving patient monitoring, detecting infection and the associated pathogen with significantly higher confidence and speed than is currently possible.

Along with Drs Harris, MacCallum and Bonnici, he also co-leads two of the most exciting healthcare data projects in the UK, INFORM and the NIHR Critical Care Health Informatics Collaborative. These projects aim to create IT capabilities with an unparalleled level of detail, capable of answering complex clinical and research questions.

David is also the clinical lead for the Patient Emergency Response and Resuscitation Team (PERRT) and is the critical care link for the Hyper-Acute Stroke Unit and the Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell therapy programme.

Research interests

Clinical and Data Science research. Particular interest in infection diagnostics, pathogen detection and sepsis management,


Selected publications:

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