Professional background

After studying medicine at Oxford University and St Mary's Hospital Medical School, Joanna spent her paediatric training in St Mary's, Great Ormond Street, the Whittington, the Royal London and University College Hospitals. Her specialist training was in paediatric oncology and she did several years of research looking at PET-CT scanning in paediatric cancers. Her work included collaborations to establish national and international guidelines for PET-CT in children.

After six months as a consultant at Great Ormond Street, Joanna returned to general paediatrics at UCLH, developing her interests in child safeguarding. She runs a general adolescent medicine service with a large multidisciplinary team, looking after young people with varied and complex illnesses. She is a member of the Parents and Carers Advisory group at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and a Governor of the Great Ormond Street and University College Hospial School.

Research interests

  • Named Doctor for Child Safeguarding
  • Specialist Child Safeguarding clinic for complex cases
  • Non-malignant haematology (JB1HE with Prof John Porter) Adolescent medine. including chronic fatigue syndrome (JB1MC)
  • Weight management (JB1O2)
  • General Paediatrics (JB1GE)


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