Professional background

After graduation from Charing Cross Hospital, I worked at St Thomas', Kings College and the Brompton Hospitals. I completed my MD thesis at the Respiratory Muscle Laboratory of the Brompton and Kings College Hospitals under the supervision of Professor Malcolm Green and Professor John Moxham. I returned to Clinical Medicine at University College London, and was appointed a clinical senior lecturer/ consultant in 1991, based at the Middlesex Hospital. Over the next five years I established the foundations for the Centre for Anaesthesia at UCL, which during this time the department was successful in obtaining the first Wellcome grant and created the first successful pHD fellowship.

My clinical interests have included the science and physiology of  weaning from mechanical ventilation, the bedside measurement of blood flow to the brain and the prediction of mortality before high risk surgery.

I became a full-time consultant at UCLH in 2001. I now spend my clinical time within the intensive care unit, and of course teach and train undergraduates and junior doctors.

I was appointed as clinical director for Intensive Care Medicine at The London Clinic in 2002, and have additionally undertaken several management roles.

Research interests

As a junior doctor and as a senior lecturer, my research was related to the physiology of mechanical ventilation. I collaborated with the departments of Medical Physics, UCL and clinical colleagues from the Neurosurgical ICU, Queens Square. I am not currently research active.


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