Professional background

  • MBBS London 1987
  • PhD London (Medical Physics) 1982
  • Senior personal Tutor UCLMS and honorary Associate professor UCL
  • Tutor for Newborns Vietnam


Research interests

  • Development of pain and sensory processing in the newborn
  • Smartphone app for measuring neonatal jaundice
  • Neuroprotection


Selected Publications:

Slater R, Cantarella A, Worley A, Boyd S, Meek J, Fitzgerald M. (2006). Cortical Responses to Noxious Stimulation in Preterm Infants. J. Neuroscience 26:3662-3666

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Co-author of Chapter on Neonatal Analgesia, Roberton’s textbook of Neonatology (2012)

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