Professional background

Qualifications: BDS, MFDS RCS Ed, M Oral Surg RCS, FHEA

Maria was appointed consultant in oral surgery at the Eastman Dental Hospital in 2019. She undertook a NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship Specialty Training Post in Oral Surgery at King’s College Hospital and gained her Membership in Oral Surgery with the Royal College of Surgeons in 2016. The academic component of her specialty training involved clinical research into iatrogenic trigeminal nerve injuries and chronic orofacial pain.

She has authored a number of publications in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to oral surgery textbooks and e-learning modules with the Royal College of Surgeons. She completed a postgraduate certificate in Clinical Education at King’s College London in 2014 and is involved in both lecturing and clinical teaching of undergraduate students, postgraduate students and trainees in oral surgery.


Research interests

Oral surgery, orofacial pain, trigeminal nerve injury, patient safety.


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