Professional background

Dr Bernardotto is a consultant in musculoskeletal, sport & exercise medicine at UCLH, as well as clinical lead for musculoskeletal & manual medicine at th eRoyal London Hospital for Integrated Mediine (RLHIM). He qualified from the University of Aberdeen in 2007 and completed postgraduate training in London in general practice, medical osteopathy and sport & exercise medicine.

In addition to managing the musculoskeletal service at RLHIM, he developed the first ultrasound-guided injection service at RLHIM in partnership with Camden MSK (Camden Musculoskeletal).

Dr Bernardotto works in professional sport, where he is lead academy doctor at Fulham FC and medical officer for England Boxing. He has an interest in medical education and is the London Deanery training programme director for Sport & Exercise Medicine (SEM). He is an examiner for UCL medical school and the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine (FSEM) in Edinburgh.

Research interests

Dr Bernardotto’s research interests are in complex and chronic musculoskeletal pain, particularly exploring the clinical effectiveness of manual therapy, acupuncture, nutritional supplements and mind-body therapies in the treatment of low back pain.

He is experienced in ultrasound-guided procedures for musculoskeletal pain, and has multiple publications in this field.

Languages spoken

Italian, Dutch, basic French


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