Professional background

Abbas graduated from Imperial College with a distinction in MBBS and a 1st class honors degree in orthopaedics. He completed his training on the North West Thames rotation and was awarded the fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in 2012. He has been on the GMC’s specialist register since 2014.

Abbas completed upper limb fellowships in Wrightington and Cambridge as well as an AO trauma fellowship in Hannover, Germany. He was awarded the Mark Patterson Award by BJJ/EFORT in 2013, the Zimmer Upper Extremities Award by the British Orthopaedic Association in 2015 and the European Travelling Award by the European Shoulder & Elbow Society in 2017.

Abbas was appointed as consultant shoulder & elbow surgeon at UCLH in 2015. The scope of his work includes evidence-based treatment of complex trauma, sports injuries and degenerative conditions of the upper limb. He leads the tertiary service for complex elbow conditions, accepting referral from across the region.

Research interests

Abbas’s specific areas of interest are functional outcomes, innovations in arthroplasty and the role of biologics. He is widely published in this area, is involved with funded clinical studies and is frequently asked to speak at national/international level about his experience. He is currently a reviewer for the Bone & Joint Journal and Shoulder & Elbow.


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