Professional background

Geoffrey St George graduated in dentistry at The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in 1989. Following this he spent a year as a vocational trainee, then several years in general dental practice in Darlington, Co. Durham. In 1996, he spent a further year at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne where he studied for an MSc in Restorative Dentistry. This was followed by a spell in Aberdeen as a Senior House Officer in Restorative Dentistry, during which time he obtained the fellowship in Dental Surgery of The Royal College of surgeons of Edinburgh.

Geoff then underwent his specialist registrar training in restorative dentistry before being appointed consultant in restorative dentistry, with a special interest in endodontics, at the Eastman Dental Hospital in March, 2004.

During 2003, he spent an elective period in San Antonio, Texas, where he studied at the Department of Endodontics. He has participated in research on the use of low-dose tetracycline as an adjunct in the treatment of periodontal disease in smokers and has completed a cochrane systematic review looking at the efficacy of dental local anaesthetics. He has a keen interest in dental trauma, especially related to sports.

Research interests

Dental local anaesthesia
Management of dento-aveolar trauma


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