Professional background

Mr Sam Oussedik is a fellowship trained knee, sports and trauma surgeon and clinical director of trauma and orthopaedics at UCLH.

He studied medicine at St Bartholomew's Medical College, London graduating in 1999. Having worked in the academic units at Barts and the Homerton Hospital for Professors Besser, Monson, Grossman and Kumar, he chose a career in surgery.

Having spent a large proportion of his post-graduate training in the field of knee surgery, Mr Oussedik decided to further this by spending a year at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney as knee fellow with Drs Myles Coolican and David Parker. During this time he was able to gain highly specialised experience in all aspects of knee and lower limb surgery, specifically focusing on the latest techniques for joint replacements and knee reconstruction following sports injuries.

He now specialise in all forms of knee surgery. This includes ligament reconstruction, such as anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; multiligament knee reconstruction, meniscal surgery; cartilage surgery including cartilage restoration treatments; joint preservation through osteotomy; patellofemoral stabilisation (kneecap stabilisation) including trochleoplasty; partial joint replacement; total joint replacement; navigation assisted joint replacement.

In 2016, Mr Oussedik was selected to tour the USA and Canada on the ABC fellowship, a very prestigious global fellowship for Orthopaedic Surgeons. He gained invaluable insights into the North American health system from visiting 11 academic and university orthopaedic departments.

Mr Oussedik has chaired the Exemplar Discharge Board at UCLH and set up the virtual fracture clinic, dedicated to improving patients' experience. This has proven so successful that the model has been shared with other nearby Trusts. Mr Oussedik is now working with the UCLH team to set up a virtual Arthroplasty Clinic for long-term surveillance of artificial joints.

Mr Oussedik is the director of surgical education at UCLH and runs a series of successful courses for surgeons in training.

Mr Oussedik is an active researcher, including work into improving results following joint replacement surgery and the role of robotic surgery.

Mr Oussedik has been specialty editor for knee surgery for the Bone and Joint Journal, the pre-eminent British Orthopaedic Journal, for the past 5 years and is on the editorial board of the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the highest impact global sports surgery journal.

Mr Oussedik has co-edited two books on knee replacement and pursues research in methods to improve patient outcomes following knee replacement surgery. He has just published a new book on osteotomy surgery for knee conditions. He accepts complex tertiary referrals for both native joint and previously replaced knee joint problems.

Research interests

  • Joint replacement
  • Joint preservation
  • Surgical education

Languages spoken



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