Professional background

Professor Francesco D'Aiuto qualified from the University of Naples, Italy in 1997. After attending a number of post-graduate courses in periodontology/implantology in Europ,e he completed his specialist training (MClinDent) at UCL, London in 2008.

He was appointed professor of periodontology and head of the periodontology unit at UCL in 2017. His clinical practice focuses on the management of periodontal diseases with special interest in performing periodontal regeneration, aesthetics and dental implantology procedures (including major gum and bone tissue augmentation).

Professor D'Aiuto started his research career with a clinical research fellowship from the Italian Society of Periodontology (2000) followed by a PhD in clinical periodontology (2005) both at UCL. He received several awards including the AAP clinical research award (2005 and 2019), Antony Rizzo Young Investigator Award in (2009) and a Clinical Senior Lectureship from the Department of Health in UK (2010).

He is an active member of national and international scientific societies in periodontology. Professor D'Aiuto is a recognised international speaker and he has co-authored more than 120 publications and abstracts.


Research interests

The association of periodontal diseases with systemic diseases (i.e. diabetes), understanding the pathogenesis of periodontitis and discovery of innovative regenerative and surgical therapies.

Languages spoken



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