Professional background

After obtaining dental (King's College London) and medical (University of Cambridge) degrees and specialist training in oral medicine, Joanna gained an MD in trigeminal neuralgia and a personal chair in facial pain. She held an academic post at the dental school at Queen Mary, London for 10 years before moving to her present post. Between 2007-2015, she developed and ran the largest award-winning UK centre for facial pain which is integrated with other disciplines across UCLH.

To ensure a high quality innovative service, the centre offers a patient-centred approach with evidence-based integrated care pathways. It is the largest UK centre for the multidisciplinary management of trigeminal neuralgia, which is enabling Joanna to set up a National Institute for Trigeminal Neuralgia. She is also part of the team at the Pain Management Centre.

Joanna was the first non-anaesthetist to become a member of the Faculty of Pain Medicine. She has written six books, contributed chapters to 29 books, and written over 200 peer-reviewed papers, and has lectured in over 30 countries as well as lecturing nationally. She has been rated the top research expert in trigeminal neuralgia in the world. She is chairperson of the Medical Advisory Board and founder trustee of Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK (patient support group.


Research interests

  • Facial pain, especially trigeminal neuralgia
  • Principal investigator in clinical trials, other studies in trigeminal neuralgia
  • Supervises PhDs
  • Contributes to national and international guidelines on trigeminal neuralgia
  • Supervised artist-in-residence programme to look at the visual language of pain
  • Member of Oral Health and Disease Board of NIHR UCLH Biomedical Research Centre.

Languages spoken



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