Professional background

After obtaining dental (King's College London) and medical (University of Cambridge) degrees and specialist training in oral medicine, Joanna gained an MD in trigeminal neuralgia and a personal chair in facial pain. She held an academic post at the dental school at Queen Mary, London for 10 years before moving to her present post. Between 2007-2015, she developed and ran the largest award-winning UK centre for facial pain which is integrated with other disciplines across UCLH.

To ensure a high quality innovative service, the centre offers a patient-centred approach with evidence-based integrated care pathways. It is the largest UK centre for the multidisciplinary management of trigeminal neuralgia, which is enabling Joanna to set up a the Trigeminal Neuralgia Institute, a registered charity. She is also part of the team at the Pain Management Centre.

Joanna was the first non-anaesthetist to become a member of the Faculty of Pain Medicine. She has written six books, contributed chapters to 29 books, and written over 200 peer-reviewed papers, and has lectured in over 30 countries as well as lecturing nationally. She has been rated the top research expert in trigeminal neuralgia in the world.


Research interests

  • Facial pain, especially trigeminal neuralgia
  • Principal investigator in clinical trials, other studies in trigeminal neuralgia
  • Supervises PhDs
  • Contributes to national and international guidelines on trigeminal neuralgia
  • Supervised artist-in-residence programme to look at the visual language of pain

Languages spoken



All publications can be found here

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