Professional background

Paola Giunti studied medicine at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. She completed her training in neurology in the same university and obtained her PhD researching neurogenetic disorders and the dominant ataxias. 

She is now principal clinical research associate in the Department of Molecular Neuroscience at UCL, Institute of Neurology and  honorary consultant at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

She established an Ataxia Centre at the NHNN in 2005, a robust model of translational clinical service. This has been accredited as the first centre of clinical excellence in the UK by Ataxia UK, the charity of ataxia patients. On this model, three other centres have been established in the UK.


Research interests

Her clinical and research interests are in neurogenetics, neurodegenerative diseases and neurorehabilitation with particular focus on ataxia.


Book chapters:

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Journal articles:

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